Transformational Coaching

Beyond the stresses and anxieties of daily life, beyond the limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that keep us from living up to our potential, lies our true nature — a relaxed, open and loving way of being in the world.

The call to transformation is felt as a deep inner knowing that life doesn’t have to be this way — that we can feel better, live better and love better, that we deserve better!

Drawing upon my extensive training in yoga, body-mind-spirit coaching and an approach to compassionate self-inquiry developed by Dr. Gabor Maté, I can help you reconnect to your inner wisdom and develop practices and strategies that will empower you to live a more authentic, connected, and fulfilling life.

Following the first session, you’ll begin to:

  • gain fresh perspectives on challenging situations and relationships

  • re-connect to the wisdom of your body & heart

  • improve communication

  • identify and transform limiting patterns and beliefs that cause anxiety, fear, and disharmony

  • learn tools for managing stress, anxiety & sleeplessness

  • live and relate with more ease & flow

Sessions available in person (Plateau, Montréal), or by phone, Skype or Zoom

Investment: $40-75 Sliding Scale / 60-min

“You gotta have some practice. Otherwise, it’s just going to become a memory. And practice means daily — doing something that evokes something of that experience, connecting to what you saw there.”

Gabor Maté

Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Counselling

With the increasing use of entheogenic substances (aka “psychedelics”) and Holotropic or shamanic breathwork, comes an increased need for preparatory and integrative practices to empower and guide the participant before, during and after such peak experiences.

Peruvian Amazon, 2017

Because it is itself essentially a shamanic practice, the yoga tradition offers a very clear and relevant context, guide and practical method for dealing with the psycho-spiritual material and intense experiences that can be triggered by shamanic practices and plant medicine ceremonies.

Over the past twenty-plus years, I have experienced profound physical, emotional and spiritual growth and healing through various shamanic practices, including the ceremonial use of entheogenic plant medicines. I strongly believe that my daily yoga practice and the lifestyle which is informed by and supports that practice, helped me prepare for and integrate these peak experiences into my daily life and relationships.

Areas of Focus

• preparing for a safe journey
• stabilizing kundalini awakening
• maintain energetic opening
• understanding your experiences
• integrating insights


$40-75 Sliding Scale (1hr)

• Free Consultation
• Available in-person* (Montréal)
• Online via Zoom (worldwide)