Working with Brian one-to-one via video conferencing is an incredible experience. It provides a unique intimacy with teacher and subject. Unlike having to coordinate and attend a meeting in the same physical space, there is very little discomfort in planning to be and arriving in front of each other every week. In a very short period of time, Brian has managed to provide me with friendship, sound psychotherapeutic advise and unparalleled yogic guidance. All of which have equally been, and continue to be, life changing experiences.
— Nelson, Sri Lanka
Brian has an in-depth grasp of the Yoga tradition of Krishnamacharya and has been able to incorporate the principles brought forth by Krishnamacharya into all the popular styles of Yoga. He will make Yoga entirely your own, efficient, powerful and safe. Please go to Brian.
— Mark Whitwell,
Brian James is a very dedicated Yogi and Yoga Teacher following the Krishnamacharya tradition. He is very talented and a very keen student, practitioner and teacher of Yoga. I wish him well in all his endeavours including teaching Yoga in the Krishnamacharya tradition.
— Srivatsa Ramaswami,
Brian James is a dedicated student and teacher of the ancient principles of evolutionary consciousness, healing science and practices of Yoga. In his new manual ‘Harmonic Movement’ he teaches accessible practices and knowledge for all ages and abilities.

The wisdom teachings and suggestions of the Ancestors are designed to show us how to create and live our dreams fully as well as guiding us to age with vitality, clarity, grace and acceptance. Anything that furthers that gets my support. Thanks Brian for an excellent guide.
— Danny Paradise,
Brian is not offering his yoga to you. He is inviting you to find your yoga in the intimacy of your breath so you can be connected to your own flow of life.
After an Ayahuasca ceremony this gentle process was really helping to translate what the medicine gave me with respect and gratitude.

I love the simplicity of the process. It is priceless before and after the ceremony for weaving the teachings of my altered state of consciousness into the reality of my human condition.

Brian’s classes were an essential part of my integration at The Temple of the Way of Light. Since his teaching is portable, I am taking it home with me.
— Claire, Paris
There is a palpable sincerity in the practices, songs and presence offered by Brian and Debbie in their workshops. I trust that I can arrive as I am, in knots from stress and frantic from traffic and be led to a place of self-honesty and deep meditation that releases what is no longer needed and reorients what is. I am immensely grateful for their workshop offerings and highly recommend to anyone looking to connect with Yoga (and themselves) beyond the asanas.

Also: a direct repeated thank you for filling my lungs. They fill to such a joyful (and it really is joyful) capacity entirely without my own willing them to when I meditate with you both. Healing stuff.
— Anna Elysia, Ottawa
I’ve not been very far from my copy of Desikachar’s The Heart of Yoga and Brian’s Vimeo streams since I returned from my 3 week Ayahuasca retreat. This practice brings me back to the still inner space where the medicine works and where I can meet my True Self every day.

I’m so grateful to Brian for introducing me to this beautiful, simple and profound practice. It has been an invaluable ally in working with Ayahuasca, and continues to support me in my integration.
— Pieter, London
Many thanks to Brian James for his sincere and moving workshop yesterday at the Dharma Temple. To my fellow Yogis who practice in the lineage of T. Krishnamacharya, and in particular, for those of you drawn to the heart-centered teachings of TKV Desikachar, I cannot recommend Brian enough. Definitely seek him out the next time he visits.
— Xander, Vancouver
The type of yoga Brian teaches is usually not my favourite, but I was wrong — I absolutely loved his classes. He managed to be bring me great serenity and giggles. What more can I ask for really?
— Natasha, Montréal
From my first class with Brian I was hooked, his passion and enthusiasm are infectious. I arrived a complete beginner, and left with the tools and the confidence to develop an empowering and personal daily practice. I can’t thank him enough.
— Ben, Brighton UK
Dear Brian, thank you for the yoga classes. Your gifts in teaching inspired me to move my body and heal one day at a time. You inspire me to do my best. The messages you incorporated in your class always resonated with me... “Oh yeah, that’s why we do this”. Everything I learned I will bring back home to my everyday life.
— Mina, retreat participant
Brian has helped me connect with my practice in a way I never thought possible. He lives Yoga and Yoga lives him. With insight, compassion, an immaculate sense of detail and infectious irreverence he illuminates the Path with Heart.
— Private Student, UK